How it began...

It all started with a bike called Wendy.

In five working days, she would become our daughter’s favourite birthday present. And to say her arrival was eagerly anticipated would be an understatement. Five days feels like forever when you’re five years old.

It also feels like forever when you have a five year old asking, ‘when will Wendy get here, Dad?’ at hourly intervals throughout the day.

Wendy the bicycle

And to be fair to the store that sold Wendy, they delivered on time. The problem was at our end.

Will we be in between 8am and 1pm? Yes, definitely. My wife is working from home.

Except Wendy arrived while she was taking the kids to school. The result? One failed delivery and one very tearful five year old.

So, we tracked the bike online and called the store to arrange delivery for the same time tomorrow. Only this time Wendy came during the ten minutes in which I was out walking the dog.

Two failed deliveries; one doubly let down daughter.

So, Saturday morning arrives and I drive eight miles to the depot to stand in line with a load of other grumpy customers. All of us have better things to be doing with our weekend. This is insane, I remember thinking. There has to be better way.

Then I realised. While we’d been missing Wendy, our next door neighbour, Muriel, had been in all day. And Steve from across the road works from home. Surely there’s a way of working together to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Of course there is.

I’m not home but I’ve authorised Steve to take my deliveries. He signs for Wendy and I pick her up. Easy as that.

So, CatcherNet was born. A simple, community-based solution to avoid missed parcels.

Thanks Wendy.

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