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How does this work?

Register with us & you will receive your personal neighbourhood delivery address
Then… go shopping!

  1. Shop at any worldwide retailer
  2. Use your unique address when you checkout
  3. Your Catcher will be in touch when your item arrives
  4. Arrange a convenient time for pick up

Then, if you have to return your items:

  1. Package your return – if its free then you are good to go!
  2. If you need to pay for it, we recommend (but are not associated with) MyParcelDelivery who will get you the best price, and a label you can print at home.
  3. Drop your parcel and courier instructions to your Catcher at a convenient time for you both.
  4. Tell us what you think via

Why is this a good idea?

It’s less effort: Why should you go out of your way to communicate with the parcel guy, stay home from work, go to the depot when you miss your parcel.

It saves you money: Your time, your disruption, car miles, the soles of your shoes!

It makes returns easy: You know when you buy 3 pairs of jeans, returning two; you always put it off for ages and then have to go out of your way to drop it off. This is much simpler

What’s in it for me, the Shopper?

Convenience: Missing your parcels is annoying and often takes lots of emails, texts and so on. Why not just cut out the risk?

Community: You connect with a friendly person in your community, you are doing something for each other on clear terms. No more favours of neighbours or uncomfortable conversations.

Cost: Why not save the money you may have spent on fast delivery given you know someone is here to get your parcel?

What’s in it for me, the Catcher?

A bit of extra income and the satisfaction that you are helping to make your neighbours' lives easier.

Helping the environment: There are now 4M vans delivering in the UK. All the repeat trips add up to substantial Co2 emissions and traffic in your neighbourhood – so by helping to cut down these trips, you will be helping the environment too!

What’s in it for me, the Retailer?

Better customer experience: You can get your product to your customers with certainty = happy customers.

Improved returns: Easier returns makes for reduced delays and working capital benefits.

Interested in working with us? Email

Does my Catcher know where I live?

No, we use your customer ID to link you to your Catcher. The only thing we share is your agreed contact information so you can arrange pick up / drop offs.

How do I become a Catcher?

Register as a Catcher and we will get in touch to process your application.

Does it cost anything to use this service?

Yes, it costs £7.95 per month to use this service. This includes unlimited deliveries and free pre-paid returns. See pricing for more information."

What other benefits are there for my community and the environment?

Connecting with neighbours: We know that with our busy lives connecting with our neighbours is easier said than done. Often we don’t know people who live in our block or our street. You will now know your Catcher to say hello when you pass in the street!

Helping each other: We are all busy and it’s good karma to help each other out. And without the guilt of asking for a favour!

Helping the environment: There are now 4M vans delivering in the UK. All the repeat trips add up to substantial Co2 emissions and traffic in your neighbourhood. The Co2 emissions of all those repeat delivery van trips are also substantial – so you will be helping the environment too [Link to Heriot Watt University study]

What if something goes wrong?

CatcherNet also has a legal contract with the catcher, as well as full insurance.

What if I need some help throughout the process?

Send an email to and we’ll help out.

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